18the Century Decorative Nails

Clavos, Decorative Nails

Clavos and Decorative Nails are available Round and Square from .5″ to 1.5″. They are Barbed so they won’t back out. Clavos on the front

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K25-1     1.5″ Round                          K26-1   1.25″ x 1.75″ Oval K25-2    1.75″ Round           

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Shutter Bolts

  The Above Shutter Bolts Can be used on any type of Double Door Arrangement. The K16 on Top is Best when Alignment of Doors

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18th Century Clock Hardware

Clock Hardware

Clock Finials and Columns are Cast and Hand Finished. S15 2 1/16” Clock Finial S16 2 3/16” Clock Finial S20 Column Call for Prices

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